Meantime we are focusing on introducing amazing flavors from Russia, CIS countries and Europe to the demanding Indonesian taste.


Enjoy Life is a dynamically growing company which main field is import and distribution of food products and consumer goods on the territory of Indonesia.

Knowing Indonesian market and preferences of local people our company has an outstanding strategy – we are more focused on what Indonesia needs then on what Russia or any other country can propose.

Our company is an exclusive partner of one of the biggest Russian food export-import companies which gives us and Indonesia access to hundreds of different brands and products. We are also working closely with Russian Export Center which helps us to conduct proper market research and identify key products for local market.

Enjoy Life is very flexible and cooperating with businesses of all sizes willing to provide tailored solutions to our partners and customers. We are happy to offer each and every partner, both large and small the same dedicated, personalized and flexible service. We aim to not only supply, but offer advice and support to ensure you buy the right products for your business and market.

Enjoy your food! Enjoy your life!






Snack bars are a new generation of functional food and are a good addition to the daily diet as a source of dietary fiber, microelements, vitamins. A healthy diet always helps to be in good shape, be energetic and fit.

The basis of muesli bars is oat flakes, which have a huge nutritional value for the human body. Oat flakes are rich in fiber, vitamins (B1, B2, B6, PP, E), mineral substances (potassium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, calcium, magnesium).

Choice of flavors: blueberry, strawberry, apricot, orange, cranberry, coconut and milk chocolate, hazelnut and dark chocolate



Matti instant oatmeal is a combination of a useful, quick and tasty breakfast. The composition of Matti cereals includes oat flakes made from selected grains and freeze-dried berries that have preserved up to 95% of vitamins.


Choice of flavors: strawberry with cream, raspberry with cream, blueberry, nuts and raisin, cherry, apple


The new instant cereal "Matti7 cereals" is a real "saver" for those who prefer healthy food, but live a busy business life. Now, to prepare a nutritious breakfast, a light lunch or a diet dinner, you will need minimum time.

The composition of the cereal "Matti 7 cereals" includes only natural ingredients: oatmeal, rye, wheat, barley, buckwheat, millet, corn flakes and flax seeds.


This combination of seven cereal crops is ideal for maintaining the energy balance, naturally clears the body of toxins and provides it with a complex of vitamins and

trace elements.



Bester – beluga x a sterlet. It is uniquely balanced, combines all advantages of beluga and sterlet caviar; has bigger size of berries in comparison with sterlet caviar, possesses really elegant, harmonious and full taste reminding the taste of beluga caviar. Color varies from silver-gray to rich dark shades.

Contents: Caviar of bester, salt.


Details: Aquaculture product. Vacuum packed.

Nutrition value in 100 gr.:

Protein – 21±1 g, fat – 16±2 g; food energy value: 224 kcal.

Shelf life: 8 months. Storage conditions: from minus 2 to minus 4 0C. Opened jar keep at temperature from 0 to +6 of 0 C for no more than 48 h.


One of the most interesting sorts of sturgeon caviar. Connoisseurs have long tried out this surprising delicacy. It possesses the memorable individual taste and a rich palette of aftertaste. Color varies from light gray to dark gray shades.

Contents: Caviar of sterlet, salt.


Details: Aquaculture product. Vacuum packed.

Nutrition value in 100 gr.: Protein – 21±1 g, fat – 16±2 g; food energy value: 224 kcal.

Shelf life: 8 months. Storage conditions: from minus 2 to minus 4 0C. Opened jar keep at temperature from 0 to +6 of 0C for no more than 48 h.


Russian sturgeon caviar has a bright taste, with slight nutty shade, the size of berries from 1,5 to 2,5mm – of gray, slightly yellowish or brown, dark bronze or black colors.


We offer you pasteurized Russian sturgeon caviar of the superior quality.


Contents: Caviar of Russian sturgeon, salt.


Details: Aquaculture product. Vacuum packed.

Nutrition value in 100 gr.: Protein – 21±1 g, fat – 16±2 g; food energy value: 233 kcal.

Shelf life: 8 months. Storage conditions: from minus 2 to minus 4 0C. Opened jar keep at temperature from 0 to +6 of 0C for no more than 48 h.




BF030RU - Princess Berry - the taste of forest berries at any time of the year! Creating Princess Berry, producers have decided not to add anything artificial, so this drink is made on 100% natural basis - from concentrated juice. No artificial colors and preservatives - only berry nectar.

Choice of flavors: blueberry, wild strawberry, cranberry, pomegranate, black currant, red currant, cornel, sea-buckthorn.




BF035 - Misha - 6 bright tastes! Misha Nectars are made from natural ingredients by strict standards, so they have a positive effect on metabolism, gastrointestinal tract and the immune system.

Choice of flavors: 1. Carrot+apple+strawberry 2. Carrot+apple+banana 3. Carrot+apple+peach  4.Carrot+apple+raspberry 5. Carrot+apple 6.Carrot


BF045RU - 100% JUICE - a rich taste in a convenient format. Producers have taken the best of the selected fruits and placed them in a stylish package. Drink at home, at work, take with you for a walk, and share it with your friends!

Choice of flavors: blueberry, pomegranate, apple, orange, pear, peach, mango, tomato, multi-fruit.



CP004RU – “Private bee garden”

100% natural product, which gives you an immune booster. This honey has been collected using traditional way of honey harvesting.

There are different variety of product: acacia honey, mountain honey, honey with pine tree nuts and with assorted nuts, buckwheat and white honey, fitness honey and many others.





LS020RU - Honey “Lipko Sladko”

Product of brand “Lipko Sladko” is an excellent combination of taste of your favorite nuts and honey. Nuts are considered to be a product of high nutritional value, which is known to have a powerful healing effect on the body.

With the help of this product, you can significantly improve the work of the brain, strengthen the immune system, lower the level of low-density cholesterol, restore the work of the stomach and intestines. Both micronutrients and vitamins contained in this product have a beneficial effect on blood vessels. The same components promote the exchange of fatty acids and proteins, and also normalize the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Beside pure honey we also have honey with almond, cashew, walnut, pine nuts and sunflower seeds.




HP012RU – “Peroni” Honey-souffle

Natural flower honey is collected in remote bee gardens of Altai, Kazakhstan and Central Russia. All honey is carefully selected and each batch is accompanied by test reports. Technology for obtaining honey-souffle was invented in 1928 in Canada by professor of beekeeping J.J. Dyson. We call it the technology of careful mixing. Honey is mixed for a long time in a certain mode, after which it is kept at low temperatures, thereby forming and fixing its delicate consistency. All useful properties of honey are preserved cause the temperature regime is strictly controlled.

We have great variety of different tastes: lemon, apricot, pine tree nuts, melissa, cranberry, walnut, strawberry, raspberry, ginger with lemon, currant, orange, vanilla, coffee, apple with cinnamon, etc.




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